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AI-Powered Outreach App Gets You High-Quality Targeted Leads, Appointments and Clients in ANY Niche and For ANY Business
Would you like to be the first to try out this new client-getting app that's simple to use, has no learning curve — YET — brings you high-quality leads, appointments and clients at a lightning speed... for free? If so, you're in luck! Because for an extremely limited time, you can become one of our first 50 early-bird users and take it for a spin before we introduce it to the general public!
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Ready to use this simple tool to land $1000s worth of clients… in the next 14 days?
30-day money-back guarantee I 24/7 support and onboarding
What I’m presenting to you here is not about chasing - or giving in to the pressure of keeping up with — the newest trends. It's about the simple fundamental principles that have worked for decades in client acquisition… and work better than ever now in 2024!
What Is This Technology?
RapidWave is a simple, straightforward - yet extremely powerful and lightning-fast - email outreach app designed specifically for small agencies and freelancers.
It comes with every single tool needed to get a consistent stream of clients with email outreach in 2023!
With RapidWave, there's no learning curve! It is designed to work "right out of the box."
You can get started with your outreach campaigns right away, without spending hours trying to figure out how to “get it to work”.
It comes with built-in proven and tested email templates, is backed by cutting-edge deliverability technology, one-click campaign creator... all rolled into a clean, simple, intuitive interface!
You Can Fail On Every Step — And Still Win The Client-Getting Game
Email outreach has often been misunderstood and incorrectly labeled as a spamming technique. This resulted in a bad reputation and the widely-accepted notion that it’s old school and “doesn’t work” in this modern age of content marketing, social media, SEO, etc.
But the simple fact is, if you know exactly what you’re doing (and we show you exactly what to do in a second)...
Even with subpar execution and low-quality email copy — the ROI you get from email outreach surpasses that of ANY other marketing channel. It is hands down the cheapest way to land clients on demand.
That’s why despite our decade-long experience, our team is still spending a lot of time and resources to constantly refine and fine-tune our email outreach tactics.
30-day money-back guarantee I 24/7 support and onboarding
So why does it get a bad rep?
Simple. People just do it wrong. They spam, never get their emails delivered and then get their email accounts banned. More successful ones at some point simply hit a ceiling on the volume of outreach emails they can send, unable to scale - hence - bringing their business growth to a screeching halt.
With RapidWave You Don’t Need To Be A Grizzled Outreach Pro To Generate High-Quality Clients On Demand!
You can do it in 5 simple steps:
Step #1: Choose an industry
You can go for the niche you’re operating in right now, or you can choose an entirely new one. Once you get access to this early-bird offer… we’ll share with you a list of 21 industries with ENDLESS leads you can target.
Step #2: Get the leads from our lead gen tool
RapidWave comes with its own lead gen tool that allows you to generate as many contacts from your target audience as you want. With this offer — its yours for life as well!
Step #3: Upload the leads onto RapidWave in a single click
Step #4: Set up your outreach campaign by choosing one of the 1000s of templates from our template library. All the templates are based on proven, tested, high-performing outreach email campaigns
Step #5: Hit Send. Kick back and watch your inbox get flooded with replies from prospects interested in your products and services and meeting confirmations.
With this early-bird offer, with RapidWave, you can then scale this process… infinitely. And as a result generate more leads, more clients and - of course - more money.
30-day money-back guarantee I 24/7 support and onboarding
Watch How Easy It’s To Use RapidWave
How many clients can you expect to get in the next 30 days? At least 30. Here’s How:
Let’s look at some numbers:
Let’s say you reach out to 10,000 leads. (Remember: once you get access to this early-bird offer, along with the list of lead gen tools that generate you thousands of leads in mere minutes… you’ll be also provided with a list of 21 industries with ENDLESS leads you can target.)
10,000 leads may sound like a lot. But trust me, it’s nothing compared to the volume of outreach emails big companies send out on a daily basis.
With RapidWave, reaching out to 10,000 leads is dead simple to do too. It doesn’t even begin to touch on the full volume potential you get with RapidWave’s account.
From those 10,000 people, you get a 70% open rate. That’s how much you can expect to get on average. Because of the “one-to-one” nature of outreach emails, the open rates you get are much higher than with any other type of email marketing campaign.
70% open rate on a 10,000 person list comes down to 7,000 people who’ve opened your email and were exposed to your message.
Further, let’s say, from those 7,000 people who’ve opened your email, you get a reply rate of just 8%.
Across all industries, 8% reply rate is considered the rough average for email outreach. 8% reply rate comes out to 800 people.
Keep in mind that not each of those 800 replies is going to be a prospect ready to invest in your services. A lot of them will be. But there will also be emails asking to book a call with you.
Then, there are also going to be replies from people who’ll want to learn more about your products and services before making any commitment.
And inevitably, you may get a couple of replies asking to take their email address off your list. In the scope of the 10,000 emails, the number of those is going to be insignificantly low.
From those 800 replies, you can expect 15%-25% to book a call with you. This comes down to about 120-200 calls with people interested in investing in your products and services.
At an average of a 30% close rate, you will be looking to get 36-60 new clients/customers. Keep in mind that professional salesmen normally get a close rate of 60%-80%. So the 30% conversion rate is an average for people who don’t have professional sales skills.
Now, even if you are selling a service for $500 (which is considered ultra-low ticket) you’ll be looking to make anywhere from $18,000 - $30,000.
30-day money-back guarantee I 24/7 support and onboarding
Send 100,000 emails per month with 87% open rates
Unlock the true power of email outreach with RapidWave with the ability to send up to 100,000 emails per month and routinely achieve staggering 87% open rates.
No more worrying about limitations or missed opportunities. With RapidWave, you'll be consistentlyin front of potential clients, taking full advantage of this cost-effective marketing channel to skyrocket your business growth.
Generate 50k Leads Every Month
RapidWave comes with a powerful lead-gen tool which allows you to get access to tens of thousands of emails of your target audience members within seconds!
The tool uses advanced algorithms and data mining techniques to analyze various online sources and extract relevant information, such as email addresses, job titles, company names, and other contact details.
This allows you to build a highly targeted list of contacts for your outreach campaigns, based on criteria such as industry, job title, location, or other relevant factors.
Import these contacts and send thousands of outreach emails every single day… AND… get hundreds of replies… DAILY!
Automated Email Sequences
Easily automate your outreach efforts with RapidWave's Automated Campaign Builder feature. Set up personalized outreach sequences that run on autopilot, saving you time and effort.
By streamlining your outreach process, you'll be able to focus more on closing deals and nurturing client relationships. The best part? This feature lets you scale your campaigns without compromising on quality, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality leads coming your way.
Set up Unlimited Email Accounts
RapidWave's support for unlimited email accounts means you can manage and monitor all your outreach campaigns from a single platform, making your life easier and your workflow more efficient.
By consolidating your accounts, you'll avoid missing out on opportunities due to disorganization or email overload. This powerful feature helps you stay on top of your game, turning prospects into clients with ease.
Inbox Rotation & 98%+ Deliverability rate
Ensure your emails never end up in the dreaded spam folder with RapidWave's Inbox Rotation that ensures a 98%+ deliverability rate.
When you rely on just one email address, you are putting all your eggs in one basket, and if that email address gets blacklisted, all your outreach efforts will be wasted. On the other hand, using multiple email addresses spreads your risk, making it less likely that all your email addresses will get blacklisted at the same time.
Additionally, even if one of the domains gets flagged as spam, the others can still maintain a good reputation and ensure that your emails reach the intended recipients. This also allows you to spread your email volume across multiple domains, making it less likely that any one domain will be seen as spammy by email providers.
With RapidWave, you don't have to worry about manually selecting the email address from which to send your emails. The app is designed to automatically distribute the volume of emails between different email addresses, ensuring that you maintain a good sender reputation and avoid getting your entire domain blacklisted.
Templates Library
(Over 1000 proven Cold Emailing scripts)
Eliminate the guesswork of crafting effective cold emails with RapidWave's extensive Templates Library. Gain access to over 1000 proven, high-performing scripts designed to engage and convert prospects.
These aren't just any templates. These are the exact same templatized versions of the emails that have generated over $2 million worth of deals in virtually every industry you can imagine. We’ve created these templates so we could easily use them for any industry without having to start from scratch each time. Now - as an early-bird member you get access to them too!
No more stressing over the perfect email copy; simply choose from our expertly-crafted templates to streamline your outreach process and watch your response rates soar.
Make informed decisions about your outreach strategy with RapidWave's robust analytics feature. Track key metrics such as open rates, reply rates, and conversions to optimize your campaigns and improve your results.
Stay ahead of the game by leveraging valuable insights to fine-tune your approach and secure even more clients.
A/B test your targets
Maximize the success of your email campaigns by A/B testing your targets with RapidWave. Identify the most effective messaging and strategies for different industries and prospect segments. Armed with this information, you'll be able to refine your outreach efforts and achieve even better results.
Cold Emailing Course
We’ve poured over 10,000 hours of experience in outreach into this simple, step-by-step course you can complete in a single evening — and — know more about effective email outreach than 90% of the so-called gurus out there.
In this course, we share our proprietary insights and strategies that have helped us and our clients generate millions of dollars with the help of email outreach. Easily and quickly apply our hard-earned lessons to become an outreach master fast!
Email Warm Up tool (Coming soon)
With this cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, you can say goodbye to the headaches of email bounces, spam filters, and blacklists, and say hello to the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your messages are reaching their intended recipients and generating the results you desire.
It's a sophisticated email warmup system that allows you to automatically send emails to other accounts and receive replies, all without ever leaving the comfort of your own inbox.
By simulating natural email activity and building trust with email service providers (ESPs), this tool ensures that your messages are delivered safely and securely to their intended recipients, without being marked as spam or sent to the dreaded junk folder.
The warm up tool is built in the spirit of the entire RapidWave app — simplicity and no learning curve! It takes you a single button in your account.
And it will run in the background increasing your reputation with email service providers and increasing your deliverability while you focus on the important tasks of building relationships, generating leads, and closing deals!
30-day money-back guarantee I 24/7 support and onboarding
Become One Of The 50 Early Adopters
Of RapidWave
Right now, you have a chance to get RapidWave before its public release at a small, one-off price. It means that you'll never have to pay a single penny for this tool even when we go public with it and start charging a recurring fee.
You'll be provided all the same updates, upgrades and support as our recurring users get. Our standard recurring plans are going to start at $47/month with extra charges for additional features like template library and automations.
However, if you are among the first 50 people to claim this deal - it's going to be yours forever!
And to top it off - you risk absolutely nothing. You are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means what it says - you have full 30 days to test out RapidWave land clients and see just how simple, lightning-fast it is.
All I'm asking in return for this deal is that you actually use the app to get clients and give me testimonials. And if you act now, on top of access to RapidWave at a small, one-off price you're also going to get high-value of bonuses!
So click the button below to claim one of the first 50 copies right now!
Here’s everything you get If You Manage To Claim One Of 50 Copies
Bonus #1 - Powerful Lead Generation App. Generate up to 50k leads per month.
Bonus #2 - Access to MeetingLess App - Powerful recording app
30-day money-back guarantee I 24/7 support and onboarding
RapidWave Commercial
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
That’s right. You have full 30 days to take RapidWave Unlimited for a test drive. And if after 30 days, for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% satisfied with RapidWave Unlimited, just hit us up and we’ll issue a prompt,
no-questions-asked refund.
And honestly - 30 days is more than enough time to use RapidWave to generate dozens of clients whether it be for selling them ReachEease as a service or for your current business.
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