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Make Your Income Potential Unlimited With RapidWave
I want to thank you and congratulate you on behalf of myself and the entire RapidWave team…
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In the interim, over the next few minutes, I’ll tell you how to make the most out of your RapidWave account.
Here’s how:
As you know by now, RapidWave will allow you to simply and easily get appointments and eventually close more deals.
As you gain more and more clients, it's only a matter of time before you'll want to scale your outreach efforts to the absolute maximum.
And scale even beyond 10,000 emails per month you’ve got with your RapidWave account.
Imagine, for example, if you could reach out to 100,000 targeted clients every single month… what would it do for your business?
If you think the very first month when you send 100,000 emails… you could be propelled to the major leagues of your industry… you are absolutely correct!
100,000 emails a month means that you’re going to expose your services to 100,000 business owners.
Just think about it — 100,000 people.
We pumped in an insane amount of extra money…to upgrade our system and created something EXCLUSIVELY for you:
You will need to hire a few extra pairs of hands just to keep up with all the appointments with hot prospects you’re going to have!
100,000 contacts means that you can grow your team, you can outsource the majority of your tasks, it means you will never… NEVER will come even CLOSE to feeling worried about where your next paycheck is coming from.
Your only worry is going to be how to accommodate all the clients that are banging on your door asking to use your services.
Once again - given the rock-solid delivery technology behind RapidWave and how easy it is to work with the app - 100,000 emails a month is not a “blue-sky dream”. Trust me.
And because you are one of the 50 lucky individuals who got access to the app at a small, early-bird price, you can do it basically for free!
Because you don’t need to pay us a single cent in recurring fees!
However, accommodating 100,000 contacts in your account would come at a cost to us. It would require additional servers and resources for maintaining your account. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to offer this feature as part of your current account.
But don’t worry. The 10,000 emails you can send with your current account is still more than enough to hit the ground running with generating high-quality clients consistently, quickly and easily.
But - once again - as you start racking up more and more appointments and calls and closing more and more deals sooner or later you’re going to want to scale. It’s just the nature of business.
And since, in just about a month, we are going to introduce RapidWave to the general public on a recurring payment basis. When that happens, the only way you’ll be able to send 100k outreach emails will be to pay us $297/month.
And even at that price point, it would be a total steal.
Considering how much other outreach apps charge for such a humongous volume.
But, since you gave us your vote of confidence by becoming an early-bird member of the app, we want to offer you the opportunity to send NOT 100,000 but UNLIMITED emails with your RapidWave account. Store unlimited CONTACTS. Run UNLIMITED campaigns to UNLIMITED prospects. And - yes - without EVER having to pay us a single cent in recurring fees.
I guess you could call this RapidWave’s absolute highest plan. But it’s NEVER going to be available for sale to anyone outside this special offer.
In fact, the highest recurring plan that’s going to be available will be a 100k plan where you’ll be able to send 100,00 emails to 100,00 leads.
And once again to the general public, it’s going to be available at a bare minimum of $297 per month.
To be honest, we still haven’t settled on the exact price for this plan yet. We're flip-flopping between $297/m and $399/month.
Again - that’s how much we’re going to charge for the account you just grabbed that enables our users to send just 100,000 emails per month.
But what I’m offering you here - is an Unlimited plan - that won't be ever available to the general public! It is limited to the 50 first buyers of this offer only.
This means, by grabbing RapidWave Unlimited you’ll never have to pay for email outreach tools ever again… no matter how big your business or businesses get! You’ll NEVER have to worry about hitting the ceiling on your monthly spending limit… or hold back your growth because of financial concerns!
Because you are getting:
Unlimited Outreach Campaigns
Unlimited CONTACTS Stored In Your Account
Unlimited Email Accounts To Send Your Outreach Emails From
HyperMode - Let AI create personalized emails for the contacts based on the user response
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited everything!
I can assure you, you can’t find a similar deal on any other outreach tool remotely as powerful as RapidWave. And even if you can, it’s going to run you a few thousands dollars.
Because maintaining such a monstrous volume is expensive! And that’s exactly why we can make this deal available ONLY to the first 50 people who’ve grabbed their RapidWave account within this special offer.
Also consider this:
There are millions of businesses out there that are in desperate need of appointments with qualified clients. And they are shelling out thousands of dollars every single month on expensive tools so they and their teams can run high-volume cold email campaigns.
But with RapidWave Unlimited you have no ceiling on your sending volume… no limit on the number of appointments and deals - no limit ON ANYTHING.
And you can offer email-sending services to other businesses and rack up passive, recurring profits.
You don’t need to put together their campaigns either! All you have to do is upload their existing leads and email campaigns to your Unlimited Account and schedule the campaigns. You can charge anywhere from $100/month-$500/month per client for this service.
And businesses of all stripes will be standing in line to pay you this much and even more! Because:
it’s still going to be significantly cheaper than whatever email outreach tool they use… AND…
The improved deliverability that RapidWave provides will help them get better results with the exact same emails they have been sending.
And of course, you can use ReachEease to reach out to those prospects and offer them your services. Get 20 of these clients?
And you’re looking at a passive income of $2k (at the bare minimum) being paid to you every single month.
Of course, that’s the worst case scenario when you have just 20 clients and charge each of them just $100/month. But the fact is, you’re going to run into many high-volume senders who are currently paying thousands of dollars for their outreach software.
And, you can easily turn them into recurring clients charging them as much as $500 or even $1,000…
And how do you find those potential clients? How do you approach them? How do you offer RapidWave as a service? And turn those businesses into recurring clients? Well, I break down exactly how to do it step by step in a bonus guide you’re getting with this offer.
It’s titled…
“Making 6-Figures Selling RapidWave As A Service.”
Finally, you risk absolutely nothing because you are protected by a…
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
That’s right. You have full 30 days to take RapidWave Unlimited for a test drive. And if after 30 days, for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% satisfied with RapidWave Unlimited, just hit us up and we’ll issue a prompt, no-questions-asked refund.
And honestly - 30 days is more than enough time to use RapidWave to generate dozens of clients whether it be for selling them ReachEease as a service or for your current business.
So to sum this up here’s what you’re getting with this offer:
RapidWave Unlimited!
Unlimited Outreach Campaigns
Unlimited CONTACTS Stored In Your Account
Unlimited Email Accounts To Send Your Outreach Emails From
HyperMode - Let AI create personalized emails for the contacts based on the user response
But if you act now, you’re getting everything for a one-time fee of just $97
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You have to act now. Once again:
You will never see this offered again
This offer is limited to just 50 people
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But if you refresh this page all copies may be already gone for good.